Terms and Conditions Forêt Sacrée Obouibé


These Terms and Conditions are related to all courses, workshops and other activities of Forêt Sacrée Obouibé.

By subscribing through email you declare your agreement with the Terms and Conditions. In the following text we will be speaking about course or lesson, this includes also workshops or other activities.



 1. Subscription

  1. Subscription is taking place after receiving your email with your application consisting of the following information: which class you would like to follow, your name, address, email and mobile phone number.
  2. Subscriptions are treated in order of entry.
  3. Subscription does not guarantee placement.
  4. After receiving your subscription email you will receive an email wherein we confirm or disconfirm your subscription.
  5. At registration and placement you will be asked if you want to be included in the mailing list for receiving information about courses and workshops.
  6. When subscribed and placed, you are obliged to pay the entire course amount.
  7. The subscription is valid for the entire course period, unless stated in the announcements as a separate lesson.
  8. If you have outstanding payments to Forêt Sacrée Obouibé your subscription will not be accepted.


2. Placement

  1. After confirmation of placement, you are obliged to pay the course amount
  2. If your placement is disconfirmed, you will receive an email.
  3. The courses will only take place when there is sufficient participation.
  4. If the course is cancelled, you will be notified by email at least one week in advance.

3. Interim placement or early departure

  1. In advance anticipated departures or later inflows in the course or when missing at least 3 consecutive lessons because of a long term stay abroad, you can discuss the possibility of participation and discount before the start of the course.
  2. In this case, Forêt sacrée Obouibé will decide whether participation is possible, looking at the importance of the continuity of the group in the course.
  3. In case of a positive decision, you pay in these situations in proportion to the number of lessons to be followed plus €10.00 administration costs.


4. Composition groups

  1. The composition of the group is classified by the teacher of the course concerned according to his own perception and is depending among others of the level and special circumstanced/wishes.
  2. The composition may change in the meantime if the teacher sees a reason for this. This happens always in consultation with the student.
  3. There is no discussion possible about the composition of the groups, Forêt Sacrée Obouibé decides about this.


5. Cancellation/interim termination

  1.  A request for a course cancellation or interim termination must always be submitted by letter, by writing an email.
  2. Cancellation is only free of charge one week before the start of the course. In case of later cancellation or interim termination, the full course fee must be paid.
  3. In case of serious illness or long-term injury, refund of the course money is possible. It is necessary to submit supporting documents, such as a doctor’s statement. The missed lessons can be caught up in the next season. If there is no prospect of this, the missed classes will be refunded in proportion minus €10,- administration costs.

6. Cancelled classes

  1. In the absence of the teacher, replacement will be ensured. In the unlikely event of a cancelled class, this does not entitle you to a discount or refund of the course fee.
  2. Missed classes by Forêt Sacrée Obouibé are being caught up at the end of the course or in consultation.
  3. If this cannot be realized by Forêt Sacrée Obouibé, the course money will be refunded proportionately. Missed classes by students can not be caught up or refunded.

7. Prices

The prices are mentioned in the concerned courses.


8. Discounts

  1. Forêt Sacrée Obouibé grants discount (on the total course amount) to students on presentation of their student card.
  2. The amount of the discount is indicated on the relevant course.
  3. The discount is not valid for workshops.


9. Payment course fees

  1. Payment is made to bank account number NL75 INGB 0671 0751 28 in the name of A. Kokousse.
  2. Registration is not final until the amount has been credited.
  3. If payment has not been made (in time), access to the lesson may be refused.
  4. Students who are attending multiple classes can pay in two instalments. Forêt Sacrée Obouibé will indicate the time-limits for which the amount is to be paid.


10. Change of personal information

Please send any changes in your personal information as soon as possible by email.


11. Liability

  1. Forêt Sacrée Obouibé accepts no responsibility for costs that students make by injury, accident, theft or destruction.
  2. Exceptions are the cases where a civil liability of Forêt Sacrée Obouibé is established.


12. Final regulation

  1. These are the terms and conditions of Forêt Sacrée Obouibé. The student agrees to all these conditions by registering.
  2. These terms and conditions can be changed in the meantime and errors are reserved.
  3. For all cases where these conditions do not provide, the management of Forêt Sacrée Obouibé decides.


August 2019