Forêt Sacrée Obouibé






Forêt Sacrée Obouibé is a multi-faceted African dance and music group, founded in 2001 by Ayaovi Kokousse. The group consists of several Togolese artists in collaboration with other West African artists. Male and female dancers, musicians, acrobats and fire breathers who were born in Africa and now transfer their culture in Europe. They regularly go back to their homeland to keep in touch with the development of music and dances, so that they can maintain their roots. Meanwhile, they have been providing performances full of fire in various genres for years, all trace back to the deep traditions of the Ewe (in the areas of Togo, Ghana and Benin).


Forêt Sacrée offers both traditional dance and percussion performances, as well as performances of Afro-contemporary.


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