Polyrhythmic groove – Percussion from Togo/Bénin/Ghana & Djembé classes


Block 2: May 7 – July 12, 2019     


New! Polyrhythmic groove – Percussion from Togo / Bénin / Ghana by Ayaovi 

Tuesday 6:15 to 7:15 PM, Nijverheidsweg 16C  


Swinging percussion lessons in which you learn to play on congas, kpalongo drums, aguida drums and cowbells. We dive deep into the polyrhythmic groove that is characteristic for the music from Togo / Bénin / Ghana and that is used to connect with the spirits and to accompany traditional dance.


Course price: € 125 ((including rent of a conga for the whole block; € 25), 10 lessons + party)            




















Photo: Jeroen Wandemaker





Djembé class by Sidy Diouf 

Wednesday 6:15 to 7:15 PM, Nijverheidsweg 16C 


Djembé class in which, among other things, technology, various West African rhythms and interplay are taught.


Course price: € 100 (10 lessons + party, plus possibly rent of djembe € 2.50 per lesson)              

















Photo: Tamira Boogaard (www.studiotweemaal.com)  



Location: Werkspoor Ateliers, Danszaal, Nijverheidsweg 16C, Utrecht.

Route desrciption: Enter the Nijverheidsweg 16 site. Go around the building to the left. Right around the corner (rear of the building) you can park your car or bicycle. Once again right around the corner you’ll find the entrance!     


Trial lesson djembe / percussion: one time 1 lesson for € 5.00

Rent djembe per lesson: € 2.50 (you can also bring your own djembe)

Rent of a conga at Polyrhythmic groove lesson is included in the lesson price.


Discount: For combination registration with djembe / percussion / afro-urban (with cd) within one block: € 40 discount.


Sign Up: You register per block. Mail your name, address, telephone number and the name of the lesson and block to info@foretsacree.nl.


For questions: send an e-mail to info@foretsacree.nl or contact Ayaovi Kokousse by telephone: 06 50 56 20 64