Djembé classes Utrecht by Sidy Diouf



COURSE 2: 5 September – 12 December 2018 (24 October 2018 NO CLASS)

SIDY LAMINE DIOUF (Senegal) is giving djembe classes at Wednesday evening. Sidy is an experienced percussionist who plays all West-African music. He played in different groups in Senegal, among which the Ballet National for 5 years and Forêt Sacrée for 2 years. He also participated in a music group in Mali for 5 years. Sidy was giving a lot of workshops and classes both in Senegal as in the Netherlands. Besides he accompanies African dance classes (also Ayaovi’s classes) and workshops as a musician. Sidy gladly shares his knowledge and experience with people who love percussion.

There will be attention for technique, different West-African rhythms and interaction in the classes. Come and play along with us and enjoy!


WHEN: every Wednesday evening at 18.00 – 19.00
WHERE: Atelier Werkspoor, Nijverheidsweg 16C, Utrecht
PRICES: Course price: € 135,- (14 classes + party). Prices do not include the rent of the djembé

Try out class: € 5,-


Djembé rent per class: € 2,50 (you can also bring your own djembé off course)


On Friday 14 December we will have a party with a workshop and presentations from and for áll students of this course! (the students of Wednesdays and Fridays, so please write this down in your agenda!)